Graffiti Sonificator

Graffiti Sonificator is a prototype for an interactive transmedia installation, where the visitor is enabled to create the artwork by himself.
One gets a modified spray can or brush, whose position gets tracked by an infrared camera system (Nintendo Wii Remote). By pointing it in the desired direction and pressing the button, the specifically developed computer program creates the illusion of painting, much like in a computer game.
The so created picture gets then sonificated in realtime and a sonic interpretation of the visual artwork is produced by a multichannel loudspeaker system.
The fundamental idea of this installation is to enable people to discover their own artistic skills. Primarily, it should be easy to understand and make fun to use. Even for children, older or disabled people.
In the first prototype, the virtual paint is only thrown on a single screen by one video projector. But it is intended to scale the installation to a complete room, of which all walls can be designed by the visitor.
All graphics and algorythms are done in Pure Data / Gem.