Peter Venus & Marian Weger

A sonic sculpture for the great swimming hall at Kunstbad Raiffeisenhof /Graz.

The absence of water in the swimming pool is generating a vast vacuity, that extracts any signification of every object in its reach.
Freischwimmer-Freischwinger is the attempt to reanimate the swimming pool's original meaning by re-flooding the basin with sonic waves.
Formerly, the four large radiators that flank the hall breathed life into the natatorium by providing warmth to the drenched bathers.
Now, they shall help establish a new meaning to that hall.
Therefore, a recycling-process takes place that also generates a new signification to the radiators, which seem to lack any rational benefit through a defect in the heating system.
Their insistent sound and monotone rhythm represent their original usage, reminiscent to the busy activities of the bathers while opening time, as well as the total solitude at night, when the stars are reflecting in the surface.

The actuation of the metal radiators is made by small mallets, driven by electric motors via gear transmission.